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Why are poppies The flower for August?

The birth flower for August is the yellow poppy, a joyful little flower that prospers outdoors in a range of environments. Its lovely fanned-out petals and specified center recall spring and early summertime, making it an outstanding flower to appreciate outdoors.

If you desire to provide a gorgeous present to an individual with an august birthday, look no even more than a plan with little yellow flowers like the poppy. Poppies do come in other colors like red, pink, white, purple, and orange!

Poppies normally have yellow or orange flowers and stem from Europe and North America. There is likewise the stylophorum diphyllum, or the wood poppy, and the Welsh poppy (meconopsis cambrica) which has yellow to orange flowers and is simple to grow in gardens.

Yellow poppies generally signify wealth and success and are generally offered to honor an August birthday. You might likewise use the common yellow flower significance of relationship and goodwill to yellow poppies, which includes more warm sensations to your arrangement present.

In Greek folklore, all poppies signify sleep, while in World War I red poppies were used to represent remembrance. No matter where you come from, the appeal of these flowers is universal.


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