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What is August flower?

Gladiolus and Poppy

The August birth flowers, gladiolus and poppy, both represent remembrance. These 2 summertime season bloomers can be discovered in a variety of colors and produce excellent cut flowers. Discover more about the significance, history, and symbolism behind the gladiolus and the poppy!

What are the Birth Flowers for the Month of August?

Gladiolus, an indication of strength and love, provides height to the garden and a splash of much-needed color in the last total month of the summer season.

The poppy, comprehended finest for its red color and made popular by a poem made up more than a century previously, has really long been associated with those lost throughout times of war.

The Gladiolus

The gladiolus comes from the Iris home (Iridaceae) and is coming from Africa, the Mediterranean, and southern Europe, with more than 300 types that are offered in a series of vibrant colors.

Understood as "sword lily," the gladiolus got its name from the sword-like appearance of its leaves. The flowers are classified in 5 categories that recommend size, from large-flowered and mini.

In mid- to late summertime season, the trumpet-shaped flowers flower, opening from the bottom up. Colors include white, pink, red, purple, and yellow, among many others.


The Poppy

Member of the Papaveraceae household, poppies grow all over the world, consisting of the temperate environments of Eurasia, Africa, and North America. The most identifiable poppy types are the Iceland poppy (Papaver nudicaule), Oriental poppy (Papaver orientale), and California poppy (Eschscholzia californica).

Poppies differ in size a fair bit, however usually have fragile yet flashy flowers of 4 to 6 petals surrounding numerous endurances; the flowers grow on long, hairy stalks. The flower buds are at first bent down in the past showing up as they open.


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