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What is the flower color for August?

The August birth flowers are the gladiolus and poppy. The gladiolus is often described as the sword lily because of its long, slim shape. The vibrant blossom can be discovered in a variety of colors consisting of red, pink, orange, yellow, white and purple and it's a sign of strength of character, genuineness and remembrance.

The poppy is understood for its bright red color. It is endured Armistice Day in nations like the United Kingdom, Canada and France, as a sign of remembrance for those that lost their lives in World War I. The poppy likewise represents creativity.

The gladiolus is the August birthday flower. As one of the most vibrant summertime flowers, the gladiolus is distinct because its flowers grow from a high spike lined with sharp leaves. Its label "sword lily" originates from its Latin name "gladius" suggesting sword, and describes the shape of its leaves.

When used as a present, the gladiolus signifies love at very first sight and that the present provider's heart is pierced with love. Throughout Ancient Rome, gladiators would battle "to the death of gladioli" and the crowd would cover the winner in vibrant gladiolus flowers.

Gladiolus Meanings and Symbolism

Gladioli are understood to signify self-control, loyalty, determination, stability, and infatuation. Beyond these meanings, the birth flower for August brings other meanings that vary by color.

  • Red gladioli represent love.
  • Pink gladioli represent empathy.
  • White gladioli signify innocence.
  • Yellow gladioli signify pleasure.
  • Purple gladioli represent beauty and grace.


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