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August Birth Flower

Gladiolus and Poppy

The August birth flowers, gladiolus and poppy, both signify remembrance. These 2 summer season bloomers can be found in a range of colors and produce terrific cut flowers. Find out more about the significance, history, and symbolism behind the poppy and the gladiolus!

What are the Birth Flowers for the Month of August?

Gladiolus, a sign of strength and love, offers height to the garden and a splash of much-needed color in the last complete month of the summertime season.

The poppy, understood finest for its red color and made well-known by a poem composed more than a century earlier, has actually long been related to those lost throughout times of war.

The Gladiolus

The gladiolus belongs to the Iris household (Iridaceae) and is belonging to Africa, the Mediterranean, and southern Europe, with more than 300 types that are available in a series of lively colors.

Understood as "sword lily," the gladiolus got its name from the sword-like look of its leaves. The flowers are categorized in 5 classifications that suggest size, from large-flowered and mini.

In mid- to late summer season, the trumpet-shaped flowers flower, opening from the bottom up. Colors consist of white, pink, red, purple, and yellow, amongst numerous others.

Gladiolus Meanings and Symbolism


  • The flower has actually long been a sign of strength, success, honor, and recovery. It has actually likewise been connected with ethical character, remembrance, and intelligence.
  • In Victorian times, romantics thought that the appeal of the gladiolus might pierce another's heart with love. In flower meanings, the flower likewise concerned represent infatuation, love at first sight, and loyalty. Discover more flower meanings here!
  • Each color holds a various significance: Red signifies enthusiasm, love, and love; pink ways empathy and a mom's love; white represents innocence and pureness; yellow signifies relationship and delight; and purple ways fortune and charm.
  • In addition to being among the August birth flowers, the gladiolus is typically provided as a gift for 40th anniversaries.


The Gladiolus in History

The very first South African types was given Europe in the mid-18th century. By the early 19th century, lovers in England started the procedure of hybridizing the flowers and making them more well fit to the house gardens.

In ancient Rome, the gladiolus was referred to as the flower of the gladiators, with viewers covering the winner of the battle in the vibrant blossoms.

It ended up being popular in the U.S. around the turn of the 20th century, which caused the production of the American Gladiolus Society in Boston in 1910.

Gladiolus in the Garden

The gladiolus chooses complete sun and abundant, fertile, well-drained soil, although it will adjust to many soils. It likewise needs security from strong winds, which can blow over its high flower stalks.

The corms (root parts) of the gladiolus are tender and, in cold locations, ought to be dug up each fall and replanted the following spring. Bulbs need to be planted after the last frost and when the soil has actually warmed.

The flower is gorgeous in a garden setting, along with in containers and along borders, however it is most valued as a cut flower. To optimize your cut flowers, cut the spike in between the 4th and 2nd leaf when the very first flower is revealing color and instantly put in water.

The Poppy

Member of the Papaveraceae household, poppies grow all over the world, consisting of the temperate environments of Eurasia, Africa, and North America. The most identifiable poppy types are the Iceland poppy (Papaver nudicaule), Oriental poppy (Papaver orientale), and California poppy (Eschscholzia californica).

Poppies differ in size a fair bit, however normally have fragile yet snazzy flowers of 4 to 6 petals surrounding numerous endurances; the flowers grow on long, hairy stalks. The flower buds are at first bent down previously showing up as they open.

The poppy's name originates from the Latin word pappa, suggesting milk. The stalks and buds of some poppy types produce a milky, latex-like compound when cut. Most significantly, the sap of the opium poppy (Papaver somniferum) has actually been gathered for usage in illegal drugs and pharmaceutical opiates.

In house gardens, the poppy is more typically grown for its seeds, which can be utilized in cooking and baking.

Poppy Meanings and Symbolism


  • In addition to being a long period of time sign of remembrance, poppies have actually long been related to sleep and death. It likewise signifies relaxation and healing.
  • In Greco-Roman misconceptions, the flowers became part of offerings to the dead and poppies are discovered on tombstones to represent eternal sleep.
  • According to Greek folklore, the poppy was connected with Demeter, the goddess of farming. It was thought if poppies grew in your field, an abundant crop would follow.
  • In ancient Greece, poppies were connected with Hypnos, the god of sleep, Thanatos (death), and Morpheus (dreams).
  • It is thought that poppy flowers will assist you remember your enjoyed ones who have actually passed.
  • The poppy is the state flower of California.

The Poppy in History

Canadian poet John McCrae, who functioned as a military doctor throughout World War I, penned the well-known poem, "In Flanders Field," in 1915 that starts with the line: In Flanders Field the poppies blow/ Between the crosses row on row. It resulted in the association in between the poppy and those lost in fight.

In European cemeteries where soldiers were buried from World War I, disrupting the soil triggered poppies to grow from seeds that had actually been inactive for many years.

L. Frank Baum consists of poppies in "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz," producing a field of the flowers that triggers Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, and Toto to drop off to sleep on their journey to the Emerald City.

On September 27, 1920, the poppy ended up being the main flower of the American Legion. It is utilized to memorialize those who passed away and battled throughout the First World War. Each year, the American Legion Auxiliary disperses poppies around Memorial Day, asking for receivers to make a contribution to support veterans and active-duty workers.

On Remembrance Day (November 11), residents all around Britain and other previous Commonwealth nations use paper crimson poppies to honor those lost in fight. Its sign of remembrance is acknowledged in lots of cultures worldwide.

Poppies in the Garden

There are both seasonal and yearly types of poppies, the majority of which choose cooler summertime temperature levels. Plant seeds straight into garden soil or container soil, as poppies do not transplant well. Poppies will reseed themselves and can be thought about a weed in gardens if not kept under a watchful eye.

The flowers are a crucial pollen source for bees and likewise produce a terrific cut flower, although they just last a couple of days inside. When the bud is simply starting to open, Cut them. After being cut, heat deal with the stem with a match or lighter to stop the milky fluid from dripping into the water.



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