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July Birth Flowers

July Birth Flowers

Larkspur and Water Lily

Learn more about the water lily and the larkspur, our 2 July flowers. One emerges from deep underneath the water's surface area; the other grows on a single stalk numerous feet from the ground. Both offer a pop of color throughout the early to summer months!

What Are the July Birth Flowers?

Larkspurs are a sign of positivity and devotion. They make a terrific addition to any garden provided their height and gorgeous purple-blue blossoms, however beware: these plants are dangerous!

The water lily represents pureness and innocence, while offering an increase to water environments and acting as a motivation for among the world's excellent painters.

The Larkspur

The larkspur belongs to the buttercup household (Ranunculaceae) and is belonging to parts of the Mediterranean, Africa, and Europe. Larkspurs grow wild in the United States and Europe, and have actually ended up being naturalized in gardens all over the world.

The typical name "larkspur" might describe flowers of the genus Consolida, which tend to be annuals, or to flowers of the genus Delphinium, which tend to be perennials. The plants are really carefully associated, with Consolida frequently being thought about an unique group within the Delphinium genus.

Larkspurs are thought to have actually gotten their name from their similarity to the claw of the meadowlark. It has actually likewise been described as Lark's Claw, Knight's Spur, and Lark's Heel.

Totally grown, the larkspur can grow 1 to 3 feet high. The flowers, which flower in early summertime prior to the heat sets in, grow in groups along a single stalk.

While it is stunning to take a look at and a welcome addition to any garden, the larkspur is extremely toxic to people and animals if consumed.


Larkspur Meanings and Symbolism

The larkspur has actually long represented positivity, caring bonds, devotion, and genuineness. It can likewise be utilized to explain lightheartedness and youth.

Each larkspur color holds a various significance. Blue, which is difficult to discover worldwide of flowers, implies self-respect and grace; pink signifies fickleness; white represents joy and delight; and purple suggests puppy love.

Larkspur in History

  • According to Greek folklore, the larkspur grew from the blood of Ajax throughout the Battle of Troy. Disturbed that he did not get the armor of the fallen warrior Achilles, Ajax tossed himself on his sword, triggering his blood to spill onto the ground and the flowers to flower.
  • Other theories surrounding its preliminary look include a killed dragon and the mix of its blue blood and venom, along with crumbs from the blue sky being up to the ground.
  • In England, individuals as soon as sprayed larkspur in baths for defense versus ghosts and magic.
  • In Transylvania, if larkspur was planted near stables, it was thought to keep witches away.
  • In ancient Greece, larkspurs were utilized to deal with open injuries.
  • The Victorian period generated the belief that the larkspur might fend off wicked.
  • Native Americans utilized the blossoms to make dyes and push back bugs once it was naturalized in the U.S..
  • The larkspur is among the few flowers pointed out in George Washington's letters.

Larkspurs in the Garden

Larkspurs grow quickly from seed and are really low upkeep. Seeds can be planted in the fall in warmer environments, while seeds need to be planted in early spring in chillier locations.

The plant is perfect for home and wildflower gardens, and will bring in pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds. It's an excellent cut flower for addition in flower plans provided its height.

Water Lily
Water lilies come from the Nymphaeaceae household. Water lilies are perennials and be available in 2 ranges-- tropical and durable.

Tropical water lilies are bigger, more aromatic and incredible, readily available in a broad variety of colors, and have longer flowers. They are available in 2 various flowering routines: day flowering, where flowers open mid-morning and nearby late afternoon, and night flowering, where they open at sunset and close the next early morning. Sturdy water lilies are day flowering.

The flowers of the water lily, which can be found in timeless white along with a rainbow of choices, are flashy, aromatic, and the interlocking petals fan out for a depth of charm.

The Amazon water lily grows lily pads as much as 8 feet in size, producing big flowers that alter from white to pink blooms throughout their flower time, which just last a couple of days.

Water Lily Meanings and Symbolism


  • Water lilies, most especially the white range, have actually generally represented innocence, pureness, and chastity.
  • Pink water lilies represent happiness and relationship, red methods enthusiasm and love, blue represents calm and knowledge, and yellow represents energy and clean slates.
  • In Buddhism and Hinduism, water lilies are stated to represent resurrection and renewal since the flowers close and open every day. Due to the fact that the gorgeous flowers emerge from the unclean and dark flooring underneath the surface area of the water, buddhists likewise think water lilies signify knowledge.

Water Lily in History

  • In Greek legends, nymphs are the protectors of water, so it's fitting that the water lily's botanical family name-- Nymphaeaceae-- is originated from these female divinities.
  • According to one Egyptian legend, the production of the gods started from a blue water lily.
  • Some monks and nuns were understood to squash the root of water lilies and utilize it as an anaphrodisiac. It has actually likewise been utilized as a pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, and sedative, in addition to a treatment for sleeping disorders and stress and anxiety.
  • French painter Claude Monet was rather mesmerized by the water lilies in his house garden. He invested years painting the flowers on his Giverny, France, residential or commercial property and produced more than 200 paintings with the water lilies as his topic.
  • In 1984, the International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society was formed.
  • The water lily is the nationwide flower of Bangladesh.


Water Lilies in the (Water) Garden

Water lilies are not just stunning, however are a fundamental part of the environment. The plants grow from roots planted in muddy locations listed below the water surface area, however their lilypad foliage offers shade to minimize algae development, are a food source for fish and wildlife, and function as a filter for the water in which they grow.

Bigger size plants can be grown in water gardens or ponds, while smaller sized ones grow well in containers. They do best in water that is fixed and warmed by the sun. Moving water triggered by waterfalls or water fountains can impact their efficiency.

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